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If you are considering purchasing, switching or upgrading remote pc access software you have come to the right place. In the event you already know what type of service you want, review the special offers page where you can compare the latest online-only offers from the top remote pc connection providers.

Which Remote PC Access Software Is Right For You?

There are many choices to consider to avoid making a costly mistake that could tie you down with unwanted software. So selecting the right software is of paramount importance. Our unique approach helps you compare and find which remote pc access software is right for you and what level of sophistication that fits your technical experience in a simple 2 step process. To get started proceed to: Step 1 - Matching Remote PC Access To Your Needs .

We believe you should only pay for what you need and not a penny more by:
a) making a highly educated decision &
b) taking advantage of special internet only offers that each connection have
tucked away.

We search for weekly changes to rates, online-only offers & features to keep the most current information on our site. You will also have the option of taking advantage of an abundance of special offers and deals from many of the most popular remote pc access software. The following are in order of popularity chosen by our visitors:

GoToMyPC: After dowloading and installing this software first hand I would agree that the download process and installation was fast. Once you log into the website they even provide you with quick and easy to watch how to vidoes. No extra software or hardware is needed. And you can TRY IT FREE. GoToMyPC is now available for the two largest mobile application markets in the world. GoToMyPC Personal and Pro customers can now connect to their Mac or PC hosts using their iPhone or iPod Touch, iPad, and Honeycomb Android Tablets. Click here for full details

PCAnyWhere Host and Remote: The world's leading remote control solution. Helps organizations access and manage remote computers securely across multiple platforms in order to resolve issues quickly.Host & Remote Standard License software provides everything needed and is one of the most affordable and competitive softwares available today, and was the top selection on this website last year.

Laplink Gold: With Laplink Gold connectivity, communication, virus-scanning and remote control - all in one product. Laplink Gold 12 is the new standard for secure Remote Access and Virus-free File Transfer and Synchronization. Laplink Gold 12 lets you connect to other Laplink-enabled computers over any connection type. Remotely access files and folders, synchronize data between computers, run applications, support co-workers or friends, print files on distant printers, operate, maintain and even reboot computers.

Timbuktu Remote Control Software: With its simple setup, intuitive, user-friendly interface, and multiple security options, Timbuktu Pro for Windows is the best remote control choice for your home, classroom or small business. With Timbuktu Pro, you can view the screen of a remote computer, or share your screen with one or many remote computers to collaborate, teach or provide technical support. Use your mouse and keyboard to operate distant computers as if you were sitting right in front of them, send large files without tying up email, and communicate by intercom, text chat or instant message.

BeAnywhere Drive: BeAnywhere Drive gives you remote access to your computers using the Internet. You can control the remote computer as if you were right in front of it. You can check your email and edit your Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

So Lets Get Started

Step 1 - Matching Remote PC Access Software To Your Needs

Software Providers Overview

dsl providers

  • Providers offer secure connections
  • Speeds range depend on your network
  • Connections through firewalls and routers
  • Scans all files transferred
  • Easily add users and manage their privileges

Specific Features Explained

  • Timbuktu Pro version 8 supports SSH to encrypt
  • Laplink Gold provides fallback Remote Control for older operating systems
  • Faster than ever Synchronization with SmartXchange
  • No need for an additional software or configuration

Compare Remote PC Access Softwares

If you are curious to know what software providers are available, the process is quite simple. After comparing price plans, you simply click on any of the links on the offers and promotions page. You will then be able to purchase at our discounted rates. Comparing software providers is always the best way to ensure you make a wise choice.

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How to find a good long term fit and compare offers for Remote PC Access Software? We guide you through connection selection process and help compare offers.

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